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Max Kieffer and Bernd Ritthammer Weather Test

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May 16th 2017

Max Kieffer and Bernd Ritthammer Weather Test

The island of Föhr is located in the deepest North of Germany, set within the stormy North Sea. Föhr is home to 8,000 inhabitants and 27 golf holes. So that makes Golf Club Föhr a perfect playground for subjecting our current golf collection to a weather hardness test. At least that’s what we thought.

When we started on the long journey with our European Tour golfers Max Kieffer and Bernd Ritthammer as well as the actor Jan Hartmann and the winner of our Facebook raffle, Martin Wiethüchter, we had hoped for a stiff breeze and freak weather events. At the end of the world, or at least at the end of the federal republic, things were to be rather rough.

Road trip into the best of all worlds

From Hamburg it was a three (felt like five) hour drive in a small, packed bus to the ferry port, past the dikes all the while being eyed by herds of sheep. From there the ship transferred the travelers for another hour to Wyk, something like the "capital" of the remote miniature island. Who could have guessed that instead of rain, wind and mud we would be welcomed by radiant sunshine and wonderful weather here in March?

Anyhow – at least, it was pretty cold in the morning at 8 am. Perfect conditions for our warm, insulated midlayers. Anticipation rose already on the driving range and in addition to the balls the first loose sayings flew. Three times nine holes were to be played. Reminiscent of Frisian moorlands landscape, the fairways meander through dune valleys and bunker landscapes or past groups of old trees. The golf course combines the best of all worlds: links and parkland golf.

Under the spell of twilight

You could see the nervousness on Martin's and Jan's faces having to tee off right next to our two professionals. After three holes, the jumpiness gave way to enthusiasm and our professional celeb flight fell right in the wake of the epic landscape. Max summed it up aptly: "A really cool place. In particular I thought the versatility was very appealing. The fairways were also fantastically shaped and the greens were beautifully designed." And Bernd added: "All holes fit in wonderfully in the dramatic and varied landscape. They are challenging and nevertheless exciting and playable for all levels."

After a short lunch break, word had spread about our visit and an increasingly larger group followed, spellbound by the whipping drives and perfect chips of our two European Tour players. We first went back to the clubhouse once it was dark, where everyone was beaming brighter than the other.

There was an atmosphere with an impressive effect, especially in the afternoon hours. Bernd: "There is a very special light magically coloring the dunes." Both athletes agreed: "Unfortunately you can't find this often in Germany. We'll be back for sure." All told, we were back on the course faster than we expected – the next morning at 7:30 am. Spontaneously, everyone had decided in unison to fill the two hours of waiting time until the crossing to the mainland with another nine holes.

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