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Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Game

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April 21st 2017

We keep you going – even when the weather gets rough

We all know those situations, when a sudden downpour marks the end of a nice round of golf. At KJUS, we want to equip you with golf wear that gets you going, no matter what’s the weather.

When we started to develop rain wear, we had one vision in mind: to create jackets and pants that are a pleasure to wear and don’t feel like bulky and non-breathable plastic bags. Rain wear that makes you almost forget about your wet surroundings. Back then, this was a golfer’s reality, when the rain set in: stiff, uncomfortable pieces leaving you sweaty within seconds and desperately wanting to take them off. Years later we are proud to state: We exceeded our own expectations. As product developers and as golfers.

With this collection, we offer two solutions: Pro 3L, a true advantage in heavy rain, and Dexter/Dextra, the lightest rain jacket on the market and perfect “rescue piece”.

Discover our outfits for rainy weather conditions for women:

Discover our outfits for rainy weather conditions for men:

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