KJUS Hublot Big Bang Watch

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January 13th 2017

Limited Edition: KJUS Hublot Big Bang Watch

The fusion of style and function, the amalgamation of carbon and leather, inspiration for our KJUS Hublot Jacket: the KJUS Hublot Big Bang Carbon and Leather 44mm Watch.

Available only and exclusively via KJUS and in a strictly limited edition of 2 pieces. The watch combines the premium carbon look with the typical KJUS orange. A timeless timepiece perfectly matching the KJUS Hublot Jacket. Thanks to its watch window, the watch will even be pretty present on the pistes.

  • The watch comes in a wooden watch box and packaged in black cardboard.
  • All serial registration and certificates of authenticity are placed on the bottom of the wooden box. Please make sure you have removed all documents and stored them in a safe place.
  • Price including shipping and insurance: $21,300.

The watch can only be ordered personally via our customer service: onlineorders.na@kjus.com. Exclusively for US customers.

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