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“You can never master the game”

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March 31st 2017

“You can never master the game”

He is a winner. A true Masters winner. It was in 2011, when KJUS Athlete Charl Schwartzel triumphed in Augusta and was honored with the Green Jacket. This year, he ended the tournament with a phenomenal 3rd place. We visited Charl at Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach, followed him on a round of golf and talked about his victory and golf in general.

“It’s the same for all golfers. Everyone who plays golf, on the one day says ‘I will never play again’ and then, after one great shot: ‘Let’s do another round’”, Charl states when asked about the fascination of golf. “You can simply never master the game. It’s always different.” Charl was introduced to the sport by his father. “He took me to the golf course as soon as I could walk.” He played his first 9 holes at the tender age of 4.

During High School, he had been successful in almost any sport, be it swimming, running, tennis, rugby or cricket. “I did really very well in all of them, but somehow golf was the sport that ‘got me’, that fascinated me the most. So I decided to become a professional golfer.”

After winning the Masters 6 years ago, he first couldn’t believe what was actually happening. “When you are in contention for the win, you don’t think much, you just focus and give your best. It was only long time afterwards that I realized what I’ve done,” he recalls. “It’s one of the most satisfying feelings you can imagine.”

Until today, Augusta is his favorite golf course in the US for obvious reasons. In general, he loves playing Leopard Creek: “It sits well, when you look at it. It’s a challenging golf course, but still fun to play and not impossible. The location is amazing: On the border of the Kruger National Park, on Crocodile River. You get to see wild animals, when you golf! That’s very relaxing and I like this setting a lot.”

His passion for animals is literally in his blood. Growing up on a farm, his Plan B would have probably been becoming a farmer himself. “I always wanted that. At least I get to do this on the side these days”, he says about his own Game Breeding Farm in South Africa, where he mainly breeds Sable. “The only difference to other breeders: I never sell, but rather keep them and see them grow.” Apart from that, he enjoys water skiing, flying helicopters and planes. The latter a hobby he shares with our Co-Founder Lasse Kjus.

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