Forbes Praises KJUS: KJUS has made it into the renowned Forbes online edition

February, 2019

Nowadays it's not just about looking good on the slopes, but also wearing skiwear designed to improve performance.

The online edition of Forbes highly praises KJUS and describes the brand as a pioneer in the ski apparel industry thanks to decades of innovation and investment in the next best thing.

Premium ski wear brand KJUS was actually the first company to introduce stretchable panels into ski wear. Nico Serena, KJUS' CEO, said: "We wanted to turn the skiwear industry on its head with innovative sportswear that would set a whole new standard in terms of performance, quality and design

Two months ago, KJUS launched their revolutionary 7SPHERE HYDRO_BOT jacket - their first wearable technology ski jacket. And with an ISPO Gold Award under its belt already, the jacket's reception really speaks for itself.

Serena continued: For us, simply adopting the latest technologies is not enough. We strive to pioneer technologies, to invent our own technologies, to develop our own fabrics. Our goal is to give our customers the edge in terms of performance - whether that’s on the slopes or on the golf course."

Forbes has a readership of around 6.7 million and is a leader in business journalism.

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