''It's not the way you fall, it’s how you get back on your feet.''

Lucas is a charismatic and passionate Freeride professional. His career started in Bariloche (Argentina) on his parents’ living room carpet, where he tried his first “dry” ski run. Since then, he was hooked and set out to teach people in world-famous ski resorts all around the globe how to ski.

Only with a lot of motivation and ambition, he has been conquering the freeride scene since 2006, constantly bringing up new ideas, such as his famous "back yard" jump. He is also called the "King of the Rails."

The extreme skier has dedicated his life to freeriding. He exceeds his own limits over and over again. Always looking for an even better line, an even more audacious jump. His motto: everyday counts. And it's not the way you fall, it’s how you get back on your feet.

"Pure freedom. Simply a stroke of genius. Stretch but nevertheless windproof, light and warm. This is KJUS for me."


  • • 3rd place at El Dorado Freeride, Andorra 2010
  • • 5th place at Las Lenas Freeride, ARG, 2009
  • • 3rd place at Engadin Snow , Engadin, SWI, 2009
  • • 2nd place at Scott Czech Ride, Davos, SWI, 08/09