Women Staz Coat

CHF 1'399.00 CHF 1'999.00

incl. sales taxes

This cutting-edge down coat is made from 100% Loro Piana fabric, giving it that luxurious look and feel.
Our model wears EU-size 36 and is 175cm (5‘9’’) tall.
The product in this size and color is currently not available.

Delivery time approx. 5 working days

A reflection of our dedication to the finest craftsmanship.

Noble inside and out: this chic coat stylishly blends high-quality Loro Piana wool with cutting-edge technology, giving you warmth beyond comfort and weather protection on top.

This piece’s elegant design goes down to the finest details, with a handy 2-way zipper, a fully adjustable fixed hood, removable fur trim and front pockets with smartly concealed zippers.

Certainly, this top-of-the-range piece will make you feel adored, wherever your winter endeavors might take you.

  • Fix hood with adjustment system
  • Front pockets with invisible zipper
  • Inside pocket with zipper
  • 2-way metaluxe® front zipper
  • Detachable fur
2-layer fabric
Face Fabric
93% Virgin Wool, 7% Cashmere Wool
Storm System
Goose down, 70/30, 730 f.p.
DWR treatment
Do not wash
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Cool iron
Dry cleaning extra gentle

Loro Piana Storm System® is a technology making the noblest fibers waterproof and wind-resistant, while keeping their distinctive natural softness and feel.

Front pockets with invisible zipper

Extra-durable zippers, smartly concealed, so they won’t detract from your look.

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