Men Disentis Jacket

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100% premium white goose down jacket, with unique hidden ventilation at back to cool you down when you’re on the move.

The product in this size and color is currently not available.

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Thanks to hidden vents, this jacket allows you to keep your perfect temperature.

Stay comfortable: KJUS Premium Down insulation provides the best heat-retention-to-weight ratio of all insulation materials, while mesh inserts provide ventilation. Rain and snow are no problem, either. This jacket has DWR treatment that beads up water, so it simply runs off, maintaining breathability and shortening drying times. With handy inside pockets to keep valuables dry and pre-shaped sleeves for all-day comfort, this jacket is a great choice for cold climate wear.

  • Special quilting construction with mesh inserts for ventilation Inside pocket with YKK® zipper Rib tape inner cuffs for perfect comfort Covered front pockets with YKK® zippers YKK® front zipper Pre-shaped sleeves for more comfort

Made in Japan, Water-repellant
Face Fabric
100% Polyamide
White goose down, 90/10, 700 f.p.
100% Polyamide
Machine wash 30°C
Do not bleach
Tumble dry, low temperature
Cool iron
Do not dry clean

Special vent construction

Unique mesh inserts will cool you down when needed.

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