Be Prepared for All Conditions

October 7th 2016

Be Prepared for All Conditions

7SPHERE is a revolutionary Alpine Skiwear Layering System allowing the skier precision thermal control over his micro climate in a wide range of weather conditions and adjusting to all activity levels. Making sure you stay in your high-performance zone. From severe winter to mild spring conditions, you will always have the right apparel selection to choose from.

No other existing skiwear technology can cope with such an extreme range of temperatures at the same time enabling the skier to personalize his micro climate. The system was extensively tested and scientifically approved in climate chambers and on the mountain slopes in Switzerland.

Macro Regulation: Adjust to changes over 10°C

The components are designed to work as one system incorporating innovative material and construction technologies. Be it skiing in sunshine or facing rough temperatures in a high altitude – you are ready to perform at your best by simply choosing the right outfit combination.

Micro Regulation: Adjust to changes under 10°C

The 3-Zone Cooling System in the 1. chest, 2. inner forearm and 3. back parts accommodates for changes in outside temperature under 10°C. All layers interact with each other through a mix of intelligently placed vents and air-permeable fabrics.

The Components:

Premium travel case

Premium travel case

Travel case storingeach piece in a separate compartment, with space for your gloves and goggles ontop. 

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